Oregon Quorum Calculator

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If you’re interested, here’s the math:

$no_owners = Number of Owners
$q_req = Quorum Requirement Percentage
$red_quorum = Number of Owners required under reduced quorum percentage


<input type=’text’ name=’no_owners’ value=”$no_owners”/>            //User inputs number of lots or units

<input type=’text’ name=’q_req’ value=”$q_req”/>                    //User inputs quorum percentage requirement from docs


$quorum = $no_owners * ($q_req / 100);                        //Take number of owners and multiply by quorum percentage

$red_quorum = $no_owners * (($q_req /100) / 2);                    //Number of owners if quorum percentage is 1/2


if ($q_req > 40) {                                            //If quorum req. percentage is greater than 40%, return number of
//owners from $red_quorum variable
echo round($red_quorum);

elseif ($q_req < 20) {                                        //If quorum req. percentage is less than 20%, return
//the value from $quorum variable
echo round($quorum);

else {

echo round($no_owners * .2);                                    //If the quorum req. percentage is between 20% and 40%, return
}                                                        //value of number of owners multiplied by 20%


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